Welcome in my world,

Hi Everyone I am Joël Lemmerling and this is my personal website. Here you can find information about my interests, internships, college, passions and my work experience.

The cases below are the six most recent projects I have worked on. In the menu in the upper right corner you will find more information about me, my interests, my competencies and my work. The page portfolio will show  all the projects I ever worked on. 

All the images and videos used on this website are from activities where I was involved.



Dundas Produktion performed an act on the biggest student party of South Netherland.

Bicycle action to create more attention for the cycle sheds and awereness for the use of bicylce lights, performed by Dundas Produktions.

Openings-show during the DNA-GALA at the Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam.
ETOP Innovation Awards, Beamboxshow with drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk at jaarbeurs Utrecht.
During my study I made a Trendreport for my course trendwatching.
Creative CV made for the course mediadesign (beware written in Dutch).